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 Victor "Magebane" Ludre.

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Victor Magebane

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#1PostSubject: Victor "Magebane" Ludre.   Mon Apr 10, 2017 3:46 pm

Basic Information:

Name: Victor "Magebane" Ludre
Species: Human
Age: 23
Faction: The Inquisitorial Reach
Alignment: Lawful Evil



+ Indoctrinated refusal to believe in magic and hatred towards its "believers" severely dampens magical attacks and effects directed towards him.
+ Trained to serve the right cause, there is little Victor will ever back down from, unless ordered otherwise.


- His indoctrination, thorough as it was, made him practically blind to views opposing his own.
- Can never cast spells, nor be fully affected by magic of any sorts, including its positive effects.



ED-63 Battle Suit Mk III: Energy Disperser Battle Suit Mk III, of which first prototypes were produced in Galactic Year 2563, is the third model of the ED series manufactured in Victor's home colony. Built out of an alloy of several unique metals, of which some were imported from other planets, it provides a very effective protection against hostile energies - particularly those conjured by mages. The alloy's effectiveness allowed the Colony's engineers to design a suit of armour sleeker than the previous two models, finally granting its user a full range of movement.

BG-58 Heavy Machine Gun: Largely based on a famed Anti-Air Gun developed on Earth long ago, Brannoc Gun is a monstrosity, which shoots from its four barrels in a rapid succession. As a result of shrinking the original model down in order to make it usable for the infantrymen, BG-58 was rechambered to fire tungsten rounds, rather than flak shells. Although it was considered to perform very well, its main drawback was its huge ammo consumption, which caused soldiers to carry cumbersome ammo boxes. Thanks to recent breakthroughs in technology, however, these soldiers are only required to carry up to two 800-rounds drum magazines, each integrated with a recently developed MDC Unit. Matter to Data Converter Units break down tangible matter into data, which can be later uploaded and downloaded by integrated MDC Units. Its application in BG-58 guns is as follows - having been broken down into data in the Armory, the bullets are then uploaded from there and downloaded by MDC Units integrated with magazines carried by soldiers, where the data is converted back into tangible objects (in this case, bullets) and inserted into the magazine.


* Subjected to an indoctrination program, which had been perfected for generations, Victor learned to refuse to believe in magic. Such refusal is so strong his mind can, to a degree, break down and dispel a vast array of spells directed towards him.


"Upon the kiss, the bacteria in Princess' saliva broke down the mutated tissue within the frog's body which, in turn, casued him to turn into a handsome Prince. He had revealed that years ago, he fell subject to a spiteful expreriment conducted by an evil genetic engineer..."
- The Frog Prince, as edited in 2411 for the primary school curriculum.

Centuries ago, a spaceship carried a group of Human Settlers from their home planet, ravaged by cataclysms, to another one. As soon as the first settlement was established on the new planet, a meeting was convened. The cataclysms that had ravaged every planet their kind set foot on was attributed to magical interference and a decision was made to abolish spellcasting from that point. Naturally, the minority of magically gifted or trained people were against this decision and were quick to turn against their government. As the Colony continued to grow on the new planet, so did the intensity of conflicts provoked by spellcasters fighting for their rights.

Eventually, the Colony's greatest minds combined their efforts to create an indoctrination programme. Over generations, the Colonists were meant not only to hate the spellcasters - they were also meant to refuse to believe that they actually do cast spells. It was assumed that minds, hardened with years of indoctrination, will be able to disperse effects of magic, which was also attributed to the casters' minds. Two generations after, the Colony had at its disposal a vast number of soldiers, impervious to the main strenghts of the freedom fighters. Over just a few campaigns, the streets of Colony were ridden from spellcasters, while an invigilation programme had wiped out the rest of these.

Victor Ludre, nicknamed Magebane by his peers from outside the Colony, was a young commander of his Magic Control Unit, before prematurely retiring. He believed that his mission did not end here in his Colony and went off to brave the Galaxy in search of like-minded beings.

Last edited by Victor Magebane on Tue Apr 18, 2017 4:57 am; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Updated Vic's faction allegiance.)
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Victor "Magebane" Ludre.

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