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 Nirn Pirta

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Mordeci Smith

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#1PostSubject: Nirn Pirta   Mon Apr 10, 2017 2:07 pm

Name: Nirn Pirta
Species: Human, cybernetic
Age: 29
Faction: N/A
Alignment: Lawful Good


She's fast, balanced and has superb reflexes. On the battlefield, she moves with the ebb and flow, not pushing too hard against resistance, and when met with things such as telekinetic magic, she moves with them rather than fight them. She's a natural with magic. She's not overly intelligent, but not an idiot. She knows enough to get by, and a little more, but that's where it ends. She has several cybernetic enhancements that aid her agility and speed.

Her strength is lacking, and she prefers to attempt to dodge rather than block when possible. Even one good blow will do her in, which is her greatest weakness. She pays more attention to the bigger picture, which in a large battle, could lead her to miss the sublty draw blaster or cast spell.. Her charisma is lacking, and many find her cold, or blunt. She isn't the wisest either, but she's learning.


Her staff
Movement and agility enhancing cybernetics.

Electromancer and protection magic. 

She was born on Vadubar as an unwanted child to a mother who had given herself to whoring and an unknown father. Throughout her life, her mother was essentially absent from Nirn's life, something Nirn accepted and dealt with. She grew up in the alleys of Vadubar thieving, pickpocketing, and thieving some more to survive, which led to undernourishment, something that had a lasting effect on her body.. This continued for many years, and she learned how to defend herself with a long metal pipe she found lying on the ground.

When she was 9, she picked the wrong pocket. She had, in her opinion, expertly snuck up on a man, and had attempted to steal a credit chip from him. 

[size=61]Unbeknownst to her, he totally had seen her, as inconspicuous as she was. He turned, showing no intent to harm her, but she bolted anyways. She didn't get far, however, as he simply raised his hand and stopped her in her tracks. He approached her, kneeling and giving a knowing smile. "You don't have to live like this" he said, releasing her from his magic grasp and holding out a hand.[/size]

He told her of the protectors galaxy, the warriors against the dark, the Immortals. He told her "If you want, you can come with me, and join them." he said. She took his hand, and he led her to his ship. They flew to Apex 122, where he deposited her with the promise that he would teach her.

From the beginning, it was clear that she was a natural with magic. She quickly surpassed the other children at casting beginner spells, and with her superior experience with melee fights, was easily more skilled than they. She fell short in longer range weaponry however, but that never bothered her. She had her magic, after all.

Her final test came, and she passed them with flying colors. She was so excited, but her master had to leave right as her tests were beginning, so he never saw her complete them, as tragedy struck. He was killed by a pair of deranged madmen whom he was sent to kill, and never learned of her [size=61]accomplishments. [/size][size=61]Devastated, she even considered leaving the Immortals, but stayed herself, firmly believing the man would have wanted her to continue along her current path, as an Immortal.[/size]

She has served the Immortals, and is still aspiring to become what her mentor was to her, a hero, a protector.
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Nirn Pirta

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