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 The Lumarians

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Approved#1PostSubject: The Lumarians    Sun Apr 09, 2017 3:29 am

Name: Lumarian
Homeplanet: Keth
Sentience: Keth

Living within the Rift has granted Lumarians natural psionic abilities, much like their leader.

Constant warfare with the other races of Keth has made Lumarians become naturally stronger physically than Humans, though the difference is only minor. 

Anything that can hurt or kill a Human can generally do the same to a Lumarian.

Most Lumarians (unless they pursue that sort of career) are not very good at being diplomats or dealing with other races of the galaxy in general due to the Rift being very isolated from the rest of the galaxy.


Very similar to Humanity. Lumarians elect two members to the Elder Council every six years and answer to one overall ruler who, in their case, is the queen of the planet as a whole, rather than just one region.
Due to their similarity to Humanity, many Lumarians tend to pursue different types of careers and lifestyles.

Lumarian history is chaotic and full of bloodshed and war. The Lumarians were the first race created on the planet and were the obvious favourite race of Queen Almis. Because of this, many of the other races often hated the Lumarians and would occasionally try to subjugate or destroy them out of jealousy to prove that they were better than the queen's favourites.

The Lumarians were the race to first propose the idea of the Elder Council as a way to give the other races a little more say with their queen and to promote equality between all races across the planet. The idea worked and because of the Lumarians, Keth has become a relatively peaceful planet.
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The Lumarians

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