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Approved#1PostSubject: Guerre   Fri Apr 07, 2017 3:22 pm

Name: Guerre 
Habitable: Yes
Terrain: Assorted forests, plains, massive cityscapes and a large stretch of demonic brimstone.
Size: 1.5 times the size of earth
Population: 13 billion humans, unknown amount of demons
Location: 340 degrees, 50,000 LY away from Earth

Development Thread: If the planet contains any powerful locations or objects, a thread must accompany the submission to earn the right to create such a place.


Humanity is in an odd technological state; in the agricultural east, there is little more than the regular tractors and various farming equipment. However, in the ranks of the Guerran Regimental Army, there are primitive walkers. In the mega-cities of the north and west, technology is almost like the 1940's, focused mainly on war efforts and weapons production .

In the far eastern reaches, the demons use assorted magics to power siege engines and their devilish weapons.

Humanity first discovered the planet of Guerre 400 years ago, and quickly settled it as a sort of haven. But sadly, this haven would not stay peaceful for long, as Eartg lost connection to the planet, severing any supply routes to it. As this happened, a massive magical rift opened in the eastern reaches of the world, allowing legions of Demons to surge from the Hellish Planes. 

The people of Guerre were at first taken back by the demons, as they slaughtered human settlements with little regard for life. The Guerrans began to sloppily militarize, before stream-lining their operations, industrializing into massive cities, and reducing their technological levels to make weapons easier to manufacture at a large scale. Birth rates and recruitment rates for the military of the planet are almost synonymous with one another, with most generals seeing the mega cities simply as stocks of soldiers, waiting to be called to war.

Very slowly, over the course of twenty years, the people of Guerre managed to reclaim only an amount of land the size of France from the Demons at severe losses, but these losses are almost always dwarfed by the birth-rates of the mega-cities.

The humanity of Guerre live under the totalitarian rule of 12 High Generals; Each one of these High Generals directly rule 4 of the 48 mega-cities of Guerre, and in a Council can agree on global developments. In each city there are three governors that rule over the districts of the city, and so on down the line of enforcement. 

The Mega-Cities can reach far into the sky, up to a mile. They can span around 10 miles in diameter, and are surrounded by farmland, lumber yards, or mining operations. The cities are filled with some of the most loyal citizens in the Galaxy, partly due to subliminal messaging, propaganda, and strict enforcement of laws by MP.

In the Eastern plains, towns have far more lenient rulings, as without the farmers, the cities could not go on. Seemingly endless fields of wheat, corn, and other crops cover the lands, with the occasional field for cows and sheep.

In the even further east lays the demonic plains, where tufts of dead and burnt grass are scattered about the brimstone-covered ground, flowing with rivers of magma, all surrounding a massive ravine, surges of magical energy emanating from its depths. From this ravine (which is about 1.5 times deeper than the Grand Canyon) comes demonic Legions on a regular basis.
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Approved#2PostSubject: Re: Guerre   Sun Apr 09, 2017 7:43 pm


Nypherian Empire - Tier 5
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