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 Sister Ferro Flamma

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#1PostSubject: Sister Ferro Flamma    Fri Apr 07, 2017 10:23 am

Name: Ferro Flamma

Species: Human
Age: 29
Faction: N/A
Alignment: Chaotic



- Expert in CQC Combat
- A Crackshot Sharpshooter
- High Tolerance towards pain
- High Mental Defense

- Very Strong

- She hates magic and magic users
- She is A fanatic meaning she won't get along with someone who isn't sharing her views at least to some compaticy
- No magic, never ,nada
- She can be very Reckless

The same Armor that is seen on Picture,
Stndard Issue Plazma Rifle of Her Order:

Her Axe:




Ferro was born on world where Humans were plagued by all sorts of nasty things, from Dickish Elves that would raid Towns and viligies, burning down houses, poisoning the rivers and doing unspeakeable things with man and woman alike, to witches and sorcerors summoning toying with general populace, and that wasn't even mentioning some of more wierder and even Lovecraftian shit. But this terrible state wasn't to last for something happened, this osmething was that suddenly ships started falling from the sky, apperently there was battle happening over this little not so peacfull planet, a battle that resulted in lots of wreckage coming down to surface of this world, and with this ruins came lots of usefull things, like weapons, armor, schematics, computers and thing that shaped this society of humans the most was a version of Holy Bible, version where christ came down from cross and smitten his enemies with wrath of god. After that incident which was called "Holy Rain", humans had developed a religion which ralied them behind a goal of bringing propserity to the world by means of advance technology and belief in Christ, and the purging of magic and all thing connected to it, so elves of this world, demons and other things. After some time people of this world carried out world wide purge of all things that once were nigh unstopable, after that they established a Theocracy which led this world to peace. Young Ferro, like all firstborn children be it man or female, was given to one of the Orders ,which were Theocary version of Regiment, to be raised by them, to be a soldier of god. The typical ensued, Indoctrination, CQC trainig, Test and other things like. When she was 20 Ferro Flamme was ready for service, but her planet was peacfull so she hadn't done that much, that was untill she was 29, then Theocracy scientists had finally completed building a spacehip, for obvious purposes, and Ferro was one chosen to pilot it, so she could spread the word across galaxy, and start purging it from Blashmers


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Sister Ferro Flamma

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