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 The Imperium's dark age {Season 3 version}

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Approved#1PostSubject: The Imperium's dark age {Season 3 version}   Tue Apr 04, 2017 10:44 am

After the "Great War" the Serpentum Imperium experienced an technological Renaissance the like of which was never seen before since the dissapearance of the Seraphim from the Sigma Draconus galaxy otherwise known as Andromeda.The Serpentum Engineering Corps created marvels of engineering far beyond what the previous Confederacy could ever dream to create,medicine became cutting edge and physicists unlocked secrets long left hidden.

Despite how advanced the Varanus became,their galaxy was depleted of resources that would allow sustainable life,this led to the Mors-Directive which led to the eventual appearance of the Varanus those they brought into the Milky Way.Their explosive entry into the galaxy crippled the race for almost 48 years and despite them having rebuilt and established themselves they remain an shadow of what they could have become.

Most of their highly advanced technologies are either lost alongside their missing frigates or the Imperium just lacks the resources or means to recreate it.It's become the mission of the Imperial Intelligence Corps to find and recover the lost frigates at any means necessary.

Whilst still having cutting edge engineering compared to most in the Milky Way galaxy the utter refusal of the Imperium to improve and deploy sentient AI,bioweapons and other dangerous advanced technologies would make it seem as if the Imperium is holding itself back,in truth they are holding themselves back in fear of recreating the destruction and chaos of the Sigma Wars,which the Imperials believe was caused by both organic and artificial means.

Technologically the Imperium is slowly recreating what they can,and despite their efforts in recovering some of their advanced technologies,they would never be able to overtake some of the other species in raw technological power such as the cybernetic Nypherians.

Culturally the Imperium is thriving as it accepts new races and their culture into the citizenry,despite always having an shred of militarism in their lives the Imperial citizens enjoy the free diverse cultures and ethnics in the empire.Some of the "Zodarrin cultures" become so popular that it becomes even practiced by the conservative Varanus.

Socially the Imperium is at an standstill,despite new races being accepted easily into the empire as it expands,the use and practice of magic is seen as alien and dangerous by most of the Varanidae citizenry. While mages can practice their art in the empire,they would remain closely watched by the Vigil Magika otherwise known as the "Scalebacks" by the angry mages whom where prosecuted by this magic police. Few see the potential the Imperium will gain if they accept magic as an norm which may spark another Renaissance.

Economically the Imperium is slowly rebuilding itself,but due to the conflicting interests of the Zodarrin races,the growth of the Empire is slowed as it struggles to find trade partners mostly because of the strict trade policies the Imperial Trade Guild regulates for "security reasons" But thanks to the addition of the Grand Duchy the Imperium can establish an market world to entice new traders to their wares.

Politically the Imperium is stable,but several nobles feel as if the Imperium is holding itself back with careful expansion rather then an more hands-on approach to expansion.The Emperor continues to hold the undying loyalty of his subjects however many of the noble houses compete with each-other in many ways to curry favor with the current regent,this causes political intrigue which sometimes negatively affects the Imperium and causes unnecessary divides in the Imperial Court.

Many philosophers of the Imperium despite the prosperity the empire is slowly carving out,remain to coin the current age as the first "dark age" of the Serpentum Imperium.

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Approved#2PostSubject: Re: The Imperium's dark age {Season 3 version}   Thu Apr 06, 2017 6:22 pm

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The Imperium's dark age {Season 3 version}

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