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 Chrysalis of science burst forth. Spread your wings.

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#1PostSubject: Chrysalis of science burst forth. Spread your wings.   Tue Apr 04, 2017 12:49 am

Name: S-4-RYN....or Saryn
Species: N/A as in not-applicable. 
Age: 2798
Faction: Immortals 
Alignment: Pure Neutral


Appearance :

Personality :

Scientific mastery: Thanks to her upbringing, who she is, what she is and of course her education Saryn is a master scientist but specialising in the fields of genetics, biology, virology and bacteriology. Of course she is inhumanly intelligent and can easily adapt to other fields...provided you give her a month to study and brush up on the field. 

Military training: Sadly Saryn was around during a time of war. As such her "father" arranged for her to undergo military training, for her own protection of course, but Saryn then decided to enlist to protect what mattered to her. As such not only does she have the highest quality of military training one could expect she also has literal decades of fighting to back it up.

Concentration: It is impossible to distract Saryn. If she was perform important scientific work and, let's say, an explosion occurred nearby she would not react not unless she wanted to anyway.... 

Empathy: Sadness? Happiness? elation? Saryn's aware of these feelings and can easily understand them but she has a massive lack of ability to share the feelings of others or put them in their shoes. In fact that is only partially true. She can put herself in other people's shoes but the issue then is she applies her own views, logic and belief to things hence why she can't understand why somebody let their anger get the better of their judgement. 

Fire: Oh god does Saryn hate fire. That may sound obvious given she is an organic life form but for Saryn? Fire is incredibly more dangerous for her and possess the only thing she considers a REAL threat. 

Paranoia: Intensely paranoid Saryn struggles trusting people, hence her obstinate refusal to share her work or workload with anybody else, and as such can be.....unstable at times. Of course that doesn't mean it's impossible for her to trust people...but it just takes a long ass time. Luckily Saryn has the time and patience if not the want. 

Some kind of space tablet: Other than the soon to be mentioned suit Saryn possess what is essentially a miniature storage unit, roughly the size of a mobile phone, with a projected touchscreen. It's nothing fanciful simply a space aged tablet really able to connect to the current equivalent of and phone network...provided it can be adjusted to connect to such a thing; different technology and all that. Other than that all it can do is display text, play videos and of course communicate with Saryn's vessel the Oswald. 

Spacial protection suit.:




First impressions-finished

The rarest egg.-finished.

First assignment- Abandoned due to faction closing

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Chrysalis of science burst forth. Spread your wings.

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