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 The Beaten Artist

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Public#1PostSubject: The Beaten Artist   Sun Apr 02, 2017 8:33 am

With a swift kick to the gut David was sent flying into the alley way wall. It felt as if his stomach was about to explode killing him there and then, sadly it didn't. As he tried to meekly push himself up he received another brutal kick tot he jaw, causing him to fall over to his side. Somehow David was able to keep his eyes open and his jaw intact.

"I told you, I do want to fight. I don't even have any money!" David growled as he lifted himself up once more. He looked at the three people that cornered him, a very large demon, and rough looking cyborg and a bulky looking robot with stubby legs.

"Don't care, even if you don't have money we're still going to kill you."
The demon growled as he threw a rather sloppy but heavy punch at David. Thankfully this time David was able to dodge it, thanks to there being no coordination in the demon's attack. With a confused look the demon suddenly threw another punch at David. This time the demon made a connection, just not with David. David was able to duck under this punch, so instead of making contact with David's head, the demon hit the brick wall instead.

"FINE!" David screamed with the adrenalin pumping through his veins. Then with a swift and brutal movement he threw a blur of a punch hitting the robot in the chest.  The robot began to topple over and David was about to throw another brutal punch, when he suddenly got grabbed by the cyborg and thrown into the alleyway wall.

So you're probably wondering how a wandering artist got into such a situation. Well ever since he got off that space station the thuggish three had been following after they saw he sell some of his art work. They probably thought they could beat David into making them some art so they could get some money of there own. So naturally when David refused the idiotic agreement, the three threw him into this alleyway to make him change his mind.

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The Beaten Artist

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