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 Eudo of Fallen Angels

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#1PostSubject: Eudo of Fallen Angels   Thu Mar 30, 2017 2:34 am

Name: Eudo Languish
Species: Demon
Age: Unknown
Faction: None at the Moment
Alignment: Chaotic


> Hard hitter
> average leader
> passion
> determination

> Rash
> Underestimates a lot of his opponents
> Solitary
> emotionally lacking


Revelation, this vessel appears to be a medium fighter vessel, the only writing upon this vessel is 'Revelation.' This word has been believed to be the name of the vessel, but confirmation of this is not available.

Eudo does not have any sort of supernatural powers, his determination is his greatest driving force, often he feels below some of his opponents, and he strives to beat them.

Eudo, was once a small boy. Filled with joy and happiness, an all around bright individual. Being born into a poor family, he usually went to sleep hungry and sick. Although, you couldn't tell by his ecstatic behavior. But his body told of the pains, grime though streaked thee face, smile he did wear upon the world. Famine nor pestilence could'n keep thy spirit dreary. "Father, oh father thou do thee ache?"
"Aye, thy bones are antique" Eudo, held thee father close although attempting to rid thy of pain. He loved his father for he was the only he had, thy mother had fallen to the deep fog when he was birthed into the world. He saw the other children, who suffered as he did poor and pitiful, had a mother. And while their lives improved with every waking moment with their mother he sat, alone, loving his father. Tears fell down his face as his smile upon turned to sorrow. He lost his way later in his life. Off the beaten path to the darkness of his own thoughts. Soon came the day where he had finally snapped. Blood thirst overcame the once gleeful child, his life now a lie, blood soon was spilt and death was soon to come. He lost his shining smile upon the world that faitful day. A tear was not shed as he fled in silence to separate himself from life.



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Eudo of Fallen Angels

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