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 The science of behemoths

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Private#1PostSubject: The science of behemoths   Mon Mar 27, 2017 7:28 pm

Jeslore, Bylyn, the bylian mines at night, once more the dwarves of bylyn have been called to duty on their never ending shift and their never ending work, here, in these mines 4000 years of craftsmanship was being refined and improved, the efficiency of dwarves has let them go to space so fast and now when they got their people in space, they needed to go further, faster and with more people. they drew up a blueprint, a very bulky, blocky spaceship that had a quite interesting look to it, it looked quite vulnerable but the combat version featured a lockdown that threw all civilian rooms to the middle of the ship and locked them so defenders could use the ship as a battlefield, though these were the plans

The head work supervisor desdrar was watching over the mines, as much metal there was in jeslore, they did not want to go within a 20 mile radius of the bylian capitol so they needed more metal, the imm'enne project has worn down their resources so they either had to wait for the miners to hit new ores, ask the immortals for more metal or buy more from other civilizations to recieve more, desdar had to negotiate what to do next with the other supervisor, and thus ran through the mines to find him.
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The science of behemoths

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