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 Season 1, Chapter 7: Disappeared

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#1PostSubject: Season 1, Chapter 7: Disappeared   Wed Mar 22, 2017 11:22 pm

Season One
Chapter Seven: Disappeared

Once Lucifer had came back in from the killing of the Kyrokians outside of the saloon, he noticed she wasn't there anymore. He only saw the bartender still there cleaning out the glass of a used bottle. He looked left and right inside of the saloon then went out once again and knew that she was gone. Lucifer just realized how late it was starting to get, that's why the Kyrokians earlier were out. He took out his demonic coin from Hell that was from there 500 years ago and used it magically to teleport to The Lucian Kingdom. Lucifer then appeared out of thin air instantly with the swirl of purple mist around him in a circle. He put the coin back into his pocket as he walked into his castle and sat on the throne of his. 

All of this drama with his mother made him confused on he should feel towards her. He hasn't seen her since he was banished from the Heavens down to Hell long ago when he was just a teen. Ever since then, he thought of how she didn't say a word to him watching him get taken there and not doing anything about it. She was always seemed as a traitor to him but today was different for them. They actually bonded as a mother and a son for the first time in years. This stuff should've happened earlier he thought to himself. Her bonding with him now was just a get away plan for her to get back to her home unseen. He didn't realize that she booked it out of the saloon and high tailed it with a horse she stole back to her home town when he was dealing with the Kyrokians. Lucifer figured she would do something like that eventually because she's sneaky and clever just like him.

Lucifer looks towards the entrance doors of the castle hearing someone knocking on it. His two guards by the door then open it for the person knocking. He see's Synth coming into the castle approaching the throne with other scientists and mechanics. Once they all get close enough, the doors behind them close as they line up in front of the throne that Lucifer is sitting on. Synth introduces them as he explains that they built 'Jasiv' earlier and the Great Arch is being built as of right now. Lucifer talks to them about how well The Lucian Kingdom is doing and says he's got everything in control as far of recruiting more troops for the Lucian army. Synth nods and has everyone leave Lucifer and him alone in the castle. Every scientist and mechanic then leave the castle out of it's entrance doors and return to what they were doing before coming there. 

He looks at Synth as they both discuss what is planned for future events to happen with Lucian and their kingdom. Meanwhile, hours has passed by and Lucia just had made it back to her home village with the horse she stole. She made herself comfortable as she walks into her house and goes to sleep for she is really exhausted after such a long day. Lucifer couldn't stop thinking about how odd today was for him and his mother. He thought his emotions for his family members was increasing when in reality it wasn't. Synth was then done talking and proceeded to exit the castle to do something he needed done. Lucifer then spaced out as he took out a picture of him and his mother when they both had wings and were in Heaven tons of years ago. He thought of how they lived together with his father and her when everything was peaceful and felt right. He knew how that wasn't ever going to be the same and thing's were always gonna be this way for now. His father hasn't been seen every since and Lucifer thinks that he's hiding in a far away planet away from them both. 

{There will be several NPC's within the chapters that are just sideline characters which are kill-able for lore sake}

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Season 1, Chapter 7: Disappeared

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