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 Season 1, Chapter 6: Her Last Night

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#1PostSubject: Season 1, Chapter 6: Her Last Night   Wed Mar 22, 2017 10:44 pm

Season One
Chapter Six: Unseen

Aglaros watched Lucifer as he had ran outside of the cave in a rush to go find Lucia, his mother. He looked left and right into the thick forest then looked forward and started jogging that direction. He had a faint feeling of her presence being in that area recently. It was almost like he can feel her watching him from afar. Lucifer wasn't phased by the feeling though and kept jogging. Soon he noticed a faint figure of a woman in the great distance away from him. The thick dense air made it difficult for his eyes to comprehend who it actually is. He ran faster as he knew he had to catch up to this person thinking it was his mother. The person had black robe like clothing over their body as Lucifer closely approaches behind. He then got close enough and took off the hood of the person's robe who was clearly not his mother, it was an old lady that took a walk in the forest and got lost.

He looks at her and sighs deeply thinking how foolish he is to think that she was his mother. She frowned and said "Hey.. Watch who you messing with huh?" as she hit him with her all black purse once and walked off. Lucifer takes the hit and ignores her completely as she's no threat to him. He then walks off the path of the forest he was taking and went to the direction of a city of Lucian that was called "Gargon Side" that had tons of species walking around freely. Lucifer had thought this was the most likely place she would've went to stay for the night and then leave in the morning. He knew that she's too lazy to try and make it completely back to her home town which was miles away from that city. Lucifer grinned as he approached a saloon of some sort thinking she'd be in there for a drink.

Once he entered the saloon, everyone stopped what they were doing and ran out in fear that he was there to kill someone. They all rushed past by him getting through the tiny doors behind him as he walked calmly to the bar table. The bartender and one other person had seemed to stay though which surprised him as to why they stayed while everyone left. Soon, the saloon was all empty as Lucifer decided to sit down with the other person right next to him. He then ordered the bartender to give him a glass of wine. Once he had got it,he took a sip of it and looked towards the right of him who was a girl with black hair just like mother has. He was intrigued now so he said "Hey." to get this persons attention onto him. She looked his way as it was his mother in fact, it was Lucia who he hadn't seen in years. Lucifer's face was still for a moment not even able to say a word to her. 

She then got up and hugged him as he was still speechless for that moment. She sat back down and tried explaining to him why she said that earlier. Lucifer finally was able to talk to her after that and seemed more emotional then usual. He hadn't acted like his usual self when ever around her. It's been that way since childhood in the Heavens. They talked and talked for hours on end on the memories together and things of that sort. He had asked her what she plans to do next and she tells him after taking a sip of water. They both laugh and she told a joke about what she was going to do next in her life. Suddenly after that, she tells him how she's going to stay for the night there in that city then go back to her hometown. His facial expression showed that he didn't want her to leave after seeing her for just today since forever. He held her hand for a bit but heard growls outside similar to Kyrokians. So he looks to the direction of the doors and looks back at Lucia saying that he needs to go. She nods in agreement that he should go deal with that. Lucifer gets off of the bar stool and walks outside of the saloon. Shortly after that, all you can hear was sword slicing and whimpering of Kyrokians then silence following that.

{There will be several NPC's within the chapters that are just sideline characters which are kill-able for lore sake}

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Season 1, Chapter 6: Her Last Night

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