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Public#1PostSubject: INVADED!!!!!!!   Mon Mar 20, 2017 4:12 pm

Gyz was assigned to do another training on a 'nearby' planet. With planet Zim being as far ass possible from other planets finding a planet safe for invaders to train on was not too easy, though luckily there was a planet somewhere that held sentient creatures of no intelligence where the Cykx could safely train their disguises and adaptability.

The vohx were busy as usual choosing wich soldiers were cabaple of handling the infiltration missions, many of these soldiers were Cykx marines that have served the vohx well in former missions and training missions, most of these were brutally efficient, stronger than the others or much smarter, the vohx were assigning the invaders to planets nearby to preemptively grow, while the mission wasnt going to start yet it was best to choose invaders on forehand.

then to the surprise of the vohx came Gyz-607, while the vohx were reluctant to give him a mission at first he eventually got one anyway, he was sent to do a training mission first before he would be assigned to a planet to invade. this planet was a small nearby planet that had humans (the worst kind of humans!!!) and so Gyz-607 was sent to this planet to infilitrate and observe the mannerisms of these humans, but first the Vohx told him he had to state what his competences were and based on that the Vohx could send him to a different planet if necesary.
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