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Approved#1PostSubject: Heaven   Mon Aug 01, 2016 1:51 pm

Name: Heaven
Habitable: Yes
Terrain: Fields, Mountains, Clouds
Size: Medium
Population: 2 Billion Angels
Location: 305 degrees, 9 squares from Earth

Development Thread: N/A

The planet is filled with magical technology, mainly powered by holy and light energy. Crystals and angelic runes operate the majority of structures and provided unlimited power for the realm.

Existing since the dawn of time, Heaven was created in opposition to Hell. For centuries the two waged war, at some points even breaking into the realm of Earth to take the fight off their own lands. After countless battles and millions of lives lost, Hell was finally destroyed by a group of legendary heroes. With their goal complete the kingdom of Heaven settled and built back the glory of their lands, only shaken when the Convergence brought their realm into this galaxy as a planet.

Led by royalty, the Kingdom of Heaven consists mostly of Angels. Their species has expanded over the time since Hell's destruction, and so the need for other species help and service quickly dwindled. The planet has beautiful grass lands and high mountains, also boasting cloud areas where they can be walked on. The King and Queen resides in The Holy Palace, where the Angelic Throne is located.
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