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Approved#1PostSubject: Elemeta   Sun Feb 26, 2017 7:12 pm

Name: Elemeta

Homeplanet: Arex

Sentience: Sentient


Although each subspecies have strengths of their own, all Elemetas share one power in common. A Soul Guard. Once an Elemeta is near death a powerful magic takes over their body, transforming them into certain creatures. (Each subspecies has a different creature.) Depending on how strong the Elemeta was, the creature turns them further. If they were weak they would only partly turn. However if they were noble people, or strong they would have a chance at fully turning, increasing the creature's power even more. The downside to this ability however is the fact they have to kill their killers Soul Guard to turn back to normal. If their killer has already been killed the Elemeta has 24 hours until they die.
(Check Subspecies below for more direct Strengths)

Although each sub-species have their own weaknesses, the species as a whole has one great weakness. Themselves. There planet has been ravaged by corruption and war, leaving them in dark ages. Due to this the species as a whole is at a disadvantage to others as any invention is washed over by the notion of war, and any attempt at escape of the planet is near impossible.
(Check Subspecies for more direct Weaknesses.)

Elemetas have deep connection to elemental magic and when a Elemeta is born it is given an element. This element is usually passed down from their parents. With whatever element they are born with, they usually excel in that type of elemental magic.
However this power is what has caused Elemetas to take on a medieval type society. Normal men and women are ruled over by kings and queens. However due to the split in the species, each subspecies has their own royal family, and this has sadly lead to war. However in some twisted fate this seems to be their favourite living condition. Most Elemetas live for the sense of carnage and blood shed, especially the Ingis. However those who stand for order such as the Aqua and the Terra, fight to try and see the light and hope. Sadly however when a war is life, innocents are bound to be hurt, much like the Avir who only fight to protect whatever little power they have left.
Anothering to note about Elemetas is their strict religion with gods for each element.
(Check gods for more information)

Elemetas have a body structure and anatomy almost identical to humans, however there are a few noticeable differences. For example depending on the colour of their element, their eyes, veins and blood will follow.

For over a hundred years now the planet of Arex has been plunged into war because of the Ingis trying to expand their domain across the planet. Ingis under their ruler have actually conquered a large amount of the planet already, only recently being brought to a halt due to The Terra and Aqua joining forces. However even with this the war seems to have no signs of stopping any time soon.






The children of fire, their element is coloured red.
Strengths - Enhanced Strength, endurance and resilience, excels in Fire magic
Soul Guard - Lion
Weaknesses - Lowest intelligence out of the species. Extremely weak to water magic.

The children of water, their element is coloured blue.
Strengths - Enhanced speed, limited regeneration, excels in Water magic
Soul Guard - Snake
Weaknesses - Never the first to strike. Extremely weak to earth magic.

The children of earth, their element is coloured green.
Strengths - highly enhanced endurance and resilience, excels in Earth magic
Soul Guard - buck
Weaknesses - Slow and overly critical. Extremely weak to wind magic.

The children of Air, their element is coloured white.
Strengths - Enhanced agility, speed and can fly, excels in Air magic
Soul Guard - Eagle
Weaknesses - Timid, fragile and physically weak. Extremely weak to fire magic.

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Approved#2PostSubject: Re: Elemeta   Mon Feb 27, 2017 6:43 pm


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