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 Bacchus Prime

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Approved#1PostSubject: Bacchus Prime   Thu Feb 09, 2017 9:03 pm

Name:Bacchus Prime

Terrain:Open grassy fields with limited vegetation.Urban Sprawl
Population:Roughly around 12 Billion however only 8% of the population are registered.
Location:245 degrees from Reach,about 2 squares away.

Technology:The planet falls under the juristion of the UNSC and thus has access to their technology,however the casino holds most of the advanced technologies while the slums suffer by having a technology level barely beyond the "Industrial age". Much of the needed home products in the slums are either stolen,smuggled or salvaged.This results in many families sharing everything,all while the infastructure of the slums remain below sub-standard.

The Casino however has a hologram barrier that prevents the slums from being a eyesore to the clients.The clients see a beautiful open valley that in reality is actually a city in decay.

History:When the UNSC started to expand south-east of Reach,they happened upon a beautiful but barren world.The ongoing war between the UNSC and the Demons allowed various mega-corporations to acquire the rights to colonize the planet,while they did build a stable colony they soon realized the oppertunity to create the largest project in recent corporate history.Soon the Galactic Casino was born,and ever since then like a parasite it sucked the hopes of the locals.
Despite breaking several human rights,the casino provides much needed "RnR" for the returning UNSC soldiers,the casino also generates millions of income where almost 40% goes straight to the UNSC Administration whilst promoting corporate propaganda to reeducate the local population into submission.It is even rumored that more then half of the Earth's corporations have large investments in the casino.

Description:An urban sprawl stains the planet like a oozing wound,in the centre of this sprawl lies the Galactic Casino the "Heart of the largest concentration of greed,decadence and addiction". The huge spire offers the greatest gambling entertainment in the galaxy,sponsored and run by a corporate syndicate of the large mega companies that dominate the entertainment industry.The building itself is run by underpaid locals watched closely by their managers to ensure "full enjoyment for clients all round". Whilst the casino makes millions each cycle the locals get only a paltry sum.The city surrounding the casino is a slum,overpopulated and lawless.The robotic security forces and private security corporations couldn't care less for the locals.As such many gangs roam the planet stealing what little they can while avoiding the ire of the Corporate Security Forces.The run-down complexes are home to millions of families struggling to survive under the harsh "Corporate Dictatorship". The pollution caused by the casino makes acid rain a common occurrence slowly destroying the planet's environment.

{The Casino and planet is heavily inspired by "Shurk's Cosmic Casino"}

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Approved#2PostSubject: Re: Bacchus Prime   Thu Feb 09, 2017 9:20 pm

Approved, Pending Secondary Approval.

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Approved#3PostSubject: Re: Bacchus Prime   Wed Feb 15, 2017 12:30 pm

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Bacchus Prime

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