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Approved#1PostSubject: Kiltorna   Wed May 25, 2016 6:12 pm

Name: Kiltorna
Habitable: Yes
Terrain: Desert, Mountain.
Size: Medium
Population: None
Location: 30 Degrees, Two squares from Earth.

Development Thread: N/A

The civilisation that inhabited this planet did not surpass the medieval era, dying out still using swords and plate armour. It is however crafted out of golden steel, a stronger variant on the normal metal. Their cities are made of brown stone and they used horses for transport. Magical apparatus can be found in the ruins, mostly arcane.

The Kiltornian's had a vast empire over their planet, led from the capital city of Sibwana. They wore golden steel and allowed the rich to live in luxury, whilst the poor work as slaves. Gods of each aspect of daily life were worshipped, and arcane magic was practiced ona mundane scale; to construct monuments or foresee the weather. However when the conjuring came, the civilisation was wiped out, leaving only ruins of their empire.

A sandy and rocky planet, Kiltorna was home to a grand empire, but now it is littered with it's ruins. Golden Steel runs through the ground, obtainable through the right ways, but not much of worth lies on the planet surface except for the grand city; Sibwana. Here there are giant monuments laying in waste, and much treasure to be found among the remnants of the Kiltornian empire.
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