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Approved#1PostSubject: Celestials   Sun Jan 22, 2017 4:42 pm

One of the many depictions of a Celestial

Name: Celestials
Origin: Celestial Plane
Sentience: Sentient

Celestials are beings beyond the material and mortal plane of existence. Their magic is stronger than any of the normal realm and their consciousness goes beyond what is humanly possible to conceive.

There have been cases of Celestials going mad, meaning they are despite all strengths and omnipotence susceptible to corruption.

Celestials have no set appearance for they can take nearly any form they wish. Most have a preferred form which typically corresponds their powers or roles as a celestial. A common theme between all celestials is the appearance of stars or cosmic energy in their skin.

They were created by beings larger and more powerful than themselves, but they do not worship them. If anything they are the ones worshiped by mortals.

Legends say they were created by the Titans, but nothing is known about these mysterious beings. Whilst there have been many sightings and meetings of Celestials among mortals, normally to help in great affairs, there has been no proof nor knowledge of their creators. What is clear through history though is that Celestials are bound by a code to not interfere with mortal affairs, they will only present themselves if another celestial being threatens the mortal plane. All celestials vary greatly in power, from the mighty Starforger who could bend Space and Time, to the humble Wayfarer who simply passes through the planes and guides others.

The most well known Celestials are;
Nozdormu, The Starforger - Celestial of Space and Time
Gaia, The Mother - Celestial of Creation and Life
Legion, The Chaotic - Celestial of Chaos
Zalgo, The Maddening - Celestial of Darkness and Insanity (Formerly of Light)
Sam'anar, The Architect - Celestial of Cosmic Construction
Argoal, The Weaver - Celestial of Destiny
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