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 The drosden fleet

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#1PostSubject: The drosden fleet   Mon Jul 17, 2017 10:21 pm

The most feared pirate empire is recruiting. Those interested in gaining riches beyond imagination are welcome to join the drosden fleet. While the pirate empire has not many rules are soldiers are to obey the pirate queen and are to share their loot with the fleet. That is all realy. The tech of the pirate fleet consists of whatever soldiers can salvage after a battle, upon joining pirates are given their first pay in advance (wich consists of 1.500 credits) as well as equipment. They will be given equipment based on the aproach of their enemies and while there arent many intact armors, they usually consist of modified armors. These are:

-Immortal raider armor mk2. Reserved for bulldozer and juggernaut classes.
-SI Rogue armor. Reserved for saboteur and stealth classes.
-Immortal lover, genie and other armors. Reserved for healer and support classes.
-Immortal knight armor. Reserved to tank classes.
-Immortal soldier armor. Reserved for regular assaulters.

And many more, these are just a small portion of all the pieces of equipment available to soldiers. All are welcome, no races are banned. Those that are not afraid of commiting crime are invited to join the drosden fleet.
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The drosden fleet

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