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 Documentary: The Ananaki of Irkalla by Doctor Sonja Petersson.

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Private#1PostSubject: Documentary: The Ananaki of Irkalla by Doctor Sonja Petersson.   Sat Jul 15, 2017 8:18 pm


75.000 Light Years away, Uncharted Space, 15 degrees of Galactic Longitude.

...System Failure...
...Oxygen Levels Dropping...
...Entering Atmosphere In...


Her neck was hurting when she started to gain consciousness again. Exposed cables were sparking nearby, liquids were dripping from damaged panels, and everything was...sideways? Rita blinked a couple of times when she realized that the ship was tilted, then her kids crossed her mind. Quickly she panicked as she tried to get the seatbelt off, "Come on, come on, COME ON!!! MAX! REGGIE!" But then she heard noises coming from behind her. She froze.


The belt was stuck, the locking mechanism was bend. How the fuck did that happen, the redhead wondered. When the presence came closer she frantically searched for a weapon but couldn't find any. When the presence grabbed her by the shoulder Rita screamed, slapping her hands at whoever tried to hurt her.

"Easy girl! Easy, is just me," the graying man said as he tried to calm her down. Blood stained his white t-shirt and side of his brow.

Rita relaxed again when she recognized the southern voice of her captain, Capt. Joseph Arens. "Good Lord, don't do that again! Ya know how jumpy I am,"

"Sorry, we're all kind o' jumpy." But before Joseph could say another word Rita immediately started asking about her children. "Okay, okay. Calm down. They're fine! Sonja's with them, patchin' them up."

"Patchin' up?! Are they hurt? Get me out o' this thing!!"

Joseph nodded and inspected the belt before taking out a pocket knife and began cutting through the belt straps. 

Rita stared at his injury, a decent gash that will require stitching. But his shirt had too much blood on it to be coming from his injury. She sighed and closed her eyes for a moment, "Any casualties?"

Joseph didn't pause the cutting when he answered her, "Yes...all of them."

Rita was shocked and leaned back in her chair, they lost all 3 of their passengers? "Fuck..."

"Sonja's gonna bring the kids up here, keep 'em out a' sight of the bodies," he said with a heavy sigh. Speak of the devil...

"Mom!" the twin boys yelled in unison as they ran up to their mother. They looked a lot like her, the same red fury, hair and all.

Rita twisted herself in her co-pilot chair, relief washing over her. "Thank the Lord, my babies. Come 'ere," she said as she started to mother them. Checking for injuries and seeing how well of a job Sonja did.

"Just some bumps and bruises," Dr. Petersson said as she walked up to them with little Elizabeth in her arms, "They'll be fine if not a little high on adrenaline," she smirked.

Joseph finally managed to cut through the thick straps. As soon as Rita felt them slide off she stood up to take Lizzie over from the doctor. "Poor baby, ya were scared weren't ya. Momma's 'ere now." She said trying to soothe the whimpering 4 year old.

"Do you need me to look at that, Captain?" Sonja asked politely. 

Joseph stared at her confused before she pointed at his head. He touched the side of his face, forgetting that he even was injured. "Oh, ehm...Later."

The doctor nodded and looked around, she didn't really know what to do, this was the first time she was in an emergency situation. Walking over to the window instead to see where exactly they landed, she was pleasantly surprised. The landscape was red, yellow and orange colored, usually a sign of a warm environment. It was a Savannah in this case, patches of oasis could be seen here and there but also treachery drops as she could tell by the large cracks in the ground. They must be in a plateau region...

Joseph tapped some keys on the damaged console, trying to get a reading of the planet, the broken screen still functioned somewhat. "Planet Unknown. At least there's oxygen."

Sonja frowned, "Of course there's oxygen. If there wasn't we would've all died by now due that large tear in the hull at the back of the ship."

Joseph sighed and didn't bother with her, Sonja always had a way of making people feel stupid. Looking around, his crew then the ship's damage... "Now what do we do? We don't have access to the cargo bay, passage is blocked with debris. And communications are..." he tapped a few more keys, "...down. So no help will be coming."

Rita piped up then, joining the pair with Lizzie in her arms and her boys on either side of her, "Well let's salvage what we can and set up camp for now."

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I suffer from TMC - Too many characters...


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Private#2PostSubject: Re: Documentary: The Ananaki of Irkalla by Doctor Sonja Petersson.   Sun Jul 16, 2017 4:42 pm

Irkall language:

Elsewhere on the planet, 30 minutes ago...


The signal sounded as dark images swirled up from the blackish-purple slab of crystal. The wisps turned into a planet with an object approaching it. Soon after another alert popped up, then another, and a third.

A pale, tall and slender female approached the Upkeeper, "C'aldurusii?"

"Unidentified vessel is approaching atmosphere, confirmed by 3 hunting groups on the outside. Crash site is estimated to be somewhere in the Savannah plateau regions between sectors ranging SP-235 to SP-300," the Upkeeper said as he turned to the Councilwoman for further advice.

Xurat pondered while staring at the holographic wisps. "Tell the others to continue their hunt, they should focus on providing for their harems. Then send someone to Maq Ra'im, he shall investigate it." Before Xurat left to let the Upkeeper go about his tasks she paused then turned back to the Upkeeper, "Do not tell Co'ekl about this...yet."


The Clan Lord ventured his way down the dark, rocky paths of Xiqalqa. As he reached the home of the 4th Council member he was greeted by one of his mates, Xa'ra.

The purple-skinned Huntress was sitting outside by the door with a vibrant red-skinned toddler in her lap. Two other children of the brown variant wrestling each other nearby. "Watch the feet...there you go."

Xa'ra greeted the large male with a roman handshake, smiling softly when he tussled the infant's hair. 

"Is Maq Ra'im home?" The warrior asked.

"He is, can't you hear him snore?" she chuckled.

The male tried not to laugh, Maq Ra'im was a loud sleeper...Opening the wooden door he entered the house and was greeted by another male sitting by the fire pit. Judging by the mouthwatering scent the house had he was cooking. The Clan Lord's gaze then turned to one of the corners as spotted the giant with two females on either side of him, sleeping.

The younger warrior turned around in his spot and flung a piece of meat at Ra'im.

Ra'im frowned when he felt something pelted at him, but then sniffed the air. One eye cracked open searching for the piece of succulent meat.

The Clan Lord chuckled when he watched the Councilman eat the meat, "He's like a Sand-Wolf, loud and drooling."

This caused a laugh in both males except Ra'im, "I don't snore!"

To which the females said, "Yes you do. -You snore much..." then turning around and shuffling over to continue their sleep.

"There is a vessel that crashed, Xurat wants you to investigate with a couple of others," the Clan Lord informed him. "Get dressed then, 2 ships will be prepared, they're waiting."


Xa'ra had gone inside with the children by the time Ra'im was armored up. He was saying goodbye to the harem. The females were disappointed that they couldn't join, both were young mothers except for Xa'ra. In the privacy of their home Maq Ra'im placed a kiss on each of their foreheads before heading to the hangars.
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I suffer from TMC - Too many characters...


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Private#3PostSubject: Re: Documentary: The Ananaki of Irkalla by Doctor Sonja Petersson.   Thu Jul 20, 2017 4:09 pm

Back in the Savannah,...

"Alright, so that should last us for about a week. Unless we can get access to the cargo bay," Joseph said as he stared at the supplies they managed to scavenge, running his hand through his grey locks.

Rita sighed, turning her green gaze at the older man, "I doubt we're gonna be able get through that thing. We need tools to cut our way through that metal."

"Maybe I can squeeze myself through!? I'm smaller than ya guys, I bet I can find a way," Max offered. "And I can help!" Reggie added before the twins turned to make their way down the halls. But Rita stopped them and grabbed them by the scruff before gently guiding them back to the couches in the lounge area.

The last thing Rita wanted was for her children to be exposed to dead bodies, no matter how tough they claim to be. Granted her parenting skills has always left people wondering about her being a fit mother, but even she had limits. "That's real sweet of ya'll but it's too dangerous," she said as she tried to convince them. "We don't know how bad it is on the other side of the blockade, or how stable this thing really is. There could be chemicals leakin', electrical wirin' exposed, and maybe...I dunno...Alien Monkeys ready to tear our faces off."

Joseph chuckled at the twins' reaction to Alien Monkeys, excitement followed by horror. He looked around and then noticed that Sonja wasn't anywhere to be seen. He frowned as he glanced towards the windows of the lounge...He had a pretty good idea on where she might be.


The pale beauty absolutely loved visiting other worlds; learning about the cultures of the natives, have encounters with the indigenous flora and fauna. Why, some planets were like entering a dream world. And this time she found an undiscovered one.

She had quickly figured out that they were going to be stuck here for a while, and while they were she was going to make use of her time her to make a documentary for her discovery of this planet and put her name on it.

With datapad in hand she pressed the record button while aiming the camera at her. Taking a deep breath and warming up her voice, "Me-mi-mo...Brown Cow...Okay..."

"My name is Doctor Sonja Petersson, the date is 2566 April 14th and we; Myself, Ms. Rita Jackson and her 3 children, and Captain of Ol' Betsy Joseph Arens. We have crashed onto an undiscovered planet," she said the latter excitingly. Clearing her throat and composing herself she continued, "We were experiencing some difficulty when we got caught in a asteroid belt. It seems one of the rocks nicked us, created a tear in the hull, and send us plummeting to this celestial body. Which we first thought was a large, dead remnant of a planet due to its shape. The planet seemed to have an almost dome like shape but has begun its process of spherical reshaping."

She turned around, staring at the ship looming over her. Betsy was tilted sideways with her nose stuck in a oasis of large jungle-like trees covered in red moss and thick vines. Some of its branches were sticking into the ship through the already damaged hull along with a piece of asteroid sticking out of it. She truly wondered if this ship was ever going to be repaired?

"We got lucky. Well...we have 3 casualties. Passengers that had paid for transportation. Two were crushed by debris and one got electrocuted...almost to a crisp...Not a pleasant way to go," she paused for a moment, remembering the panic she felt and her concern for the children. She never understood why Rita would bring her children to work? Especially one where there's risk for raids???

She shrugged her shoulders and turned around, focusing to the red and yellow scenery. "Moving on! This 'remnant' is very much alive as you can see. How this is possible is beyond me but obviously there has to be another party involved. Sentient life responsible for terraforming this. Whether they are still present on the planet or not is something I have yet to find out. Anyway, let's call this planet 'DOME' for now until I find a more suitable name for it."

Joseph was leaning against the emergency exit, watching her talk to herself. Once a scientist, always a scientist...

Sonja pointed the camera at the landscape now, "The Savannah's terrain has a predominantly orange color and is covered by some type of red moss and short yellow grass with wide leaves. If there is any Fauna here then they probably extract moisture from these foliages because I don't see large bodies of water anywhere. There are oasis' here, large trees of the jungle variant I guess with trunks covered in red moss as well, and has thick vines growing on it too. Well, were there's an oasis in a hot and dry terrain that usually means water. I haven't seen any creatures yet, the crash must've scared them away..."

Sonja's voice trailed off when she started to hear a noise in the distance, a subtle hum of sorts. Frowning she looked around for the source as did Joseph as he joined her by her side.

"What is that?" she asked the aging captain.

Joseph spotted two dark triangular shaped ships heading towards them and pointed at them, "Nothing good, let's get inside."

As Sonja was dragged inside she protested, "Natives! But wait, what if they're friendly?! They can help us! Not to mention that this is a discovery of a lifetime!!"

"And what if they're not?" Joseph retorted...
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Documentary: The Ananaki of Irkalla by Doctor Sonja Petersson.

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