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 Xa'ra (Ananakian)

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I suffer from TMC - Too many characters...


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#1PostSubject: Xa'ra (Ananakian)   Fri Jul 14, 2017 4:25 pm


Name: Xa'ra

Species: Ananaki

Age: 90.000+

Gender: Female

Faction: Xiqalqa

Occupation: Hunter of Xiqalqa, Bounty hunter

Home planet: Irkalla

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral



Height: 5'4

Weight: is said to weigh about the same as a car due to muscle and bone density

Build: athletic, hourglass shaped

Eye color: completely purple, the pupil has a lighter tint.

Hair color: Black

Hair texture: Thick and wavy, kept in Braid-dreadlocks.

Hair length: mid-waist

Skin complexion: Purple core color with dark purple mottled spots on the outside of her thighs, 
hips, a little bit on the sides of her torso, outside of her upper arm and lower arm and back of her hands, 
shoulders, and collarbone.

Scars/Markings: N/A

Tattoos/Piercings: N/A

Clothing style: the armor has a gladiator/barbaric style made from Narx'un chitin. Decorated with
bones, teeth, claws, etc... Shoe wear is of the sandal type due to her toe claws.
Her casual wear is light sarong dresses. She has bone-jewelry in her dreadlocks, golden earrings, 

Notes: Like the rest of her kind she tends have a deep voice (not like a man).
Her accent sounds like a Khajit from skyrim.
When using her echolocation she makes clicking noises.
Is mated to Maq Ra'im.
For more info about their appearance or culture review the Species app.


Skills, talents, other...

- Dual wielding swords, the blade is part metallic and part dark crystal. It's a double-edged sword and
has serrated teeth in the middle. It is simplistic decoration-wise.

- Metallic half-mask; the piece covers her mouth and nose. It has an odor filtration system
for her heightened sense of smell.

- PDA wristband; it's a large metallic band that goes half way up the lower arm.
In the center there's a smooth slab of dark crystal that slightly glows when activated.

- Handguard; a metallic fingerless glove type device. it covers the back of the hand and the palm.
A dark crystal disc is on the palm, surrounding it is a cloudy white crystal ring.
The back of the hand has 3 strips of dark crystal that glow when charged.

- Goggles; simple goggles with dark lenses that she slides over her eyes to gain access to her nightvision.

- Credits; 400 Credits

Training/Education: Dark Element Control training since 500 years old.
Combat training with melee weapons since 1.000 years old.


Heightened senses, Combat, intelligence, Agility, stealthy...


Blind( nightvision + echolocation), Night vision = Color blind as she can only see in hues of purple.
Requires a lot of food, heightened senses are sensitive to sharp/loud noises, strong/foul odors.


Heightened senses(except sight), supernatural strength, Dark Element Manipulation, Cell regeneration.



Xa'ra has had a rougher childhood than most her kind due to being discriminated for her so-called 'weak blood'.
She came from a monogamous couple and is the only child of the family. Nevertheless she completed
her trials at the Coming of Age ceremony at age 20.000.

Xa'ra has been very competitive with the rest of her sector, mainly because
she had to prove herself harder than others. She grew tired of the discrimination though and the lack of respect her 
surrounding was giving her.

When a Council member visited her sector one day, having been invited for a feast, Xa'ra
made a preposition. One that would hopefully bring forth new respect and a significant boost to her reputation.

She made an ambitious move but the Council members were willing to listen. In exchange for a seat in
the Council she was to bring the head of a Narx'un Queen.

The few that supported her joined her on her hunt for a queen, even council member Maq Ra'im
joined her to show support. And also to prevent her from cheating. The Council had little faith in her...

It lasted weeks as they ventured deeper into one of the hives, in the end only she and Ra'im made it out...with a queen.

But when presenting the trophy to the Council she was denied her seat but it didn't matter to her.
Her plan worked...

Xa'ra was never after the seat, she simply wanted recognition and she received when she paraded
around with the head of a Narx'un queen dragging behind her. Proof that she was 'Ananaki'.
She gained new respect and a better reputation now, the discrimination was finally over.

Together with her mate Maq Ra'im they scour the galaxy for new challenges and discoveries while
looking for a solution to the fertility crisis and the growing numbers of the Narx'un.

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Bronze Writer
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I suffer from TMC - Too many characters...


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#2PostSubject: Re: Xa'ra (Ananakian)   Sun Jul 16, 2017 5:10 pm

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Xa'ra (Ananakian)

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