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 Maq Ra'im (Ananakian)

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I suffer from TMC - Too many characters...


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#1PostSubject: Maq Ra'im (Ananakian)   Fri Jul 14, 2017 3:18 pm


Name: Maq Ra'im

Species: Ananaki

Age: 98.000+

Gender: Male

Faction: Xiqalqa

Occupation: Hunter of Xiqalqa, Council Member, Bounty Hunter,...

Home Planet: Irkalla

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral



Height: 7'

Weight: Exact numbers unavailable but is said to weigh about the same as a truck due to
muscle and bone density of the species.

Build: Athletic, muscled

Eye color: completely purple, the pupil has a brighter tint.

Hair color: Black

Hair texture: thick, keeps it in braid-dreadlocks of average size.

Hair length: mid-waist.

Skin complexion: tanned core color with ombre effect(darker) towards the extremities. 
Dark brown stripes cover the shoulders, upper back, collarbone, and hips.

Scars/Markings: N/A

Tattoos/Piercings: N/A

Clothing style: The armor has a gladiator/barbaric style, made from Narx'un chitin.
Decorated in bones, claws, etc... Shoe wear is of the sandal type due to his toe claws. His casual wear
are mostly of the sarong type, wearing them from thee waist down which means he tends to
walk around topless unless it's too cold.
His dreadlocks are decorated with beaded jewelry. He has a golden armband on his left upper arm, a
gift from his mother for good luck.

Notes: Has a deep voice.
His accent is like a Khajit from Skyrim
Can be eerily quiet for his size.
Makes clicking noises when using his echolocation.
Is mated to Xa'ra.
For more info about their appearance or culture review the Species app.


Skills, talents, other....

- Dual-wielding swords' the blade is part metallic and part dark crystal. 
It is double-edges and has serrated teeth in the middle. it is simplistic decoration-wise.

- Metallic Half-mask; the piece covers his mouth and nose. It has an
odor filtration system for his heightened sense of smell.

- PDA wristband; it's a large metallic band that goes half way up the lower arm.
In the center there's a smooth, slab of dark crystal that slightly glows upon activation.

- Handguard; a metallic fingerless glove type device. It covers the back of the hand and the palm.
A dark crystal disc is on the palm, surrounding it is a cloudy white crystal ring.
The back of the hand has 3 strips of dark crystal that light up when charged.

- Goggles; simple goggles with dark lenses that he slides over his eyes to gain access to his night vision.

- Credits; 600 credits

Training/Education: Dark Element Control training since 500 years old.
Combat training since 1.000 years old. Use of melee weapons.


Heightened senses (except sight), Combat, Stealthy, intelligence.
He's the King of BBQ...


Requires a lot of food, blind(has nightvision and uses echolocation), nightvision = Colorblind because
he only sees in hues of purple. Sensitive hearing, smell, and taste. Loud/sharp noises
hurt his ears, strong/foul odors make him sick, has different taste buds than other species.


Supernatural strength, Dark Element manipulation, heightened senses(except sight), Cell Regeneration.



Maq Ra'im has had a fairly standard childhood like many of his kind. Born from a polygamous family, they were pretty content. At age 20.000 Ra'im completed his Coming of Age ceremony at the top of his sector, making
quite a name for himself when he brought back the head of a Narx'un Queen. He quickly became
a well-respected Hunter among his peers to the point where he was offered a seat at the Council.

He accepted.

Along with the other Council members he leads his people, the Ananaki.

Since the last 1.000 years his reputation has suffered a blow when he surprised his fellow Council members
by taking on a mate. Not just any mate but a 'Rasenaki', a 'weak blood' female. The term is a reference to the 
dominant human genes that run through someone's bloodline. These people are often
discriminated, rarely having large families since the Ananaki are still trying to purge those genes 
out of the race.

Ra'im took Xa'ra under his wing when he discovered that her life was in danger of another council member and
a few clan leaders due to a stunt she had pulled off.

Since the exposure of Irkalla to the Convergence galaxy both he and Xa'ra are exploring the galaxy in the hopes
of finding aid for the fertility crisis their kind is experience, the growing numbers of Narx'un, and to seek
new challenging prey...

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Silver Writer
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I suffer from TMC - Too many characters...


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#2PostSubject: Re: Maq Ra'im (Ananakian)   Sun Jul 16, 2017 5:10 pm

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Will these natives help them? Or will they become a feast?


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Maq Ra'im (Ananakian)

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