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Approved#1PostSubject: Irkalla   Fri Jul 14, 2017 3:59 am


Name: Irkalla, the Broken Planet
Habitable: Yes
Terrain: Swamps, Jungles, Savannah Plateaus, Black Wasteland, Enormous Cave systems, 
Mountain ranges, Floating Islands...
Size: Small
Population: 55% Ananaki, 45% Narx'un.
Location: between 10-20 degrees at 75.000 LY's.

Dev. Thread: N/A but am planning on making a solo thread as introduction to both planet and species.

Technology: Advanced Magi-Tech and Crystal Tech.


Planet History:

Irkalla used to be a rogue planet around the time that the Ananaki first came into existence.
And because Irkalla didn't have a star to orbit around, which would provide the planet with a day - night cycle,
it became a dark and gloomy place. But the planet compensated for its lack of light source
with its bioluminescent plantlife.

The Ananaki are the only sentient species on the planet, with the Narx'un being a semi-sentient
insectoid species. The Ananaki have been at war with the Narx'un ever since the bug race grew
seemingly overnight at an exponential rate. 

The Ananaki reached a 'civilized state' upon discovering the many crystal deposits underground. A type
of mineral that emits energy and in some cases can influence their immediate surroundings.

There came a time during the Pre-Convergence Era that Irkalla was caught into a solar system. This
gave the Ananaki the opportunity to advance their technology to explore the stars around them.

The most notable species they encountered has been a human-like race on a planet, and with a culture, similar
to the tales of Conan the barbarian. Supposedly there has been some inter-species breeding
between the two races which caused the Ananakian Genocide of their offspring.

Later on, Irkalla collided with a massive asteroid which caused the destruction of their planet, shattering it
in pieces. The force of the blow was large enough to cause a chunk of the planet to get flung
out of orbit again, turning into a rogue planet. Whatever was left of it at least.

The scars of that event are still noticeable to this day. The further towards the edges of the
fractured line you go, where past it is now a massive crater, the less oxygen and less
life you will encounter.

Slowly the Ananaki rebuild their world on the only chunk they survived. Clearing the planet of
radiation, and terraforming the biomes to save the flora and fauna on the planet.

The Ananaki were successful in saving their home-world and just when the planet was finally getting stable again,
the Convergence happened. Pulling the planet out of their universe and flung into another, the planet
eventually became tidal-locked with a blue gas giant and its 3 moons which can be seen from the skyline.

[For a history about the species, please review the species submission 'Ananaki']


Planet Description:

Irkalla is a small planet with a warm and humid climate, there are no polar caps on the planet. The gravity is
slightly lower than planet Earth's. Most plantlife on Irkalla is Bioluminescent and suffer from gigantism including
a couple of animal species.

[More info about flora and fauna shall be created in the future as lore pages]

It is still a somewhat nocturnal planet due to the gas giant blocking off most of the light giving by the system's star.

Throughout the planet you might encounter large pieces of land ranging from sizes of boulders to
small islands. Most of these islands are covered in vegetation where small reptilian birds call it home. These
chunks of land float due to the Yellow Crystals (coxtic) that grow in the center of it. Other objects you
might encounter are large obelisk shaped structures. These structures might glow a purple, white, green, or orange.
These structures are also floating but closer to the ground. At the base of the obelisks one might see
some square shaped pedestals with a yellow orb in it. The obelisk hovers over the yellow orb.

The biomes tend to be classified as a 'mega' biome. Because of how large they are compared to planet surface.

The further towards the fractured edges of the massive crater you go, the less oxygen you will have and the more
dead the environment will appear. These parts are known as 'The Black Wasteland' and are home to the
hive-minded insectoid species, the Narx'un. The Ananaki are currently at war with the semi-sentient bug race
because these large bugs are known for their ravenous hunger for the planet's resources. There are currently 3 hives that they known active, it is best to stay away from these regions.

The Savannah-like Plateau region is what you will encounter outside the crater. The ground is dry and sandy with
patches of red moss and yellow grass covering the ground. Water is scarce here but your best chances
for water is by looking for small oasis of large trees covered in vines bloated with water
and trunks covered in red moss. One can also find ravines or tall spires that give this
place a somewhat western look every now and then. But also cave entrances can be found.
be careful though when entering the dark crevices or you might fall prey to the giant flatworms, they
are faster than they look.

This region tends to have very little rainfall but it does have animals of the scaly variety, marsupials and birds. 
Don't stay out in the open for too long or the desert wargs might get you!

Covering the center-most parts of the planet with monsoon season thus having high moisture levels, are
the swamps and jungles of Irkalla. While the jungles are known for having dangerous predators,
the swamps are known for its beauty as there are more bioluminescent colors in one biome than
all the biomes together. However there are more poisonous and flesh-eating plants here.

In these regions you tend to find more settlement ruins than in the Savannah regions.

The city of Xiqalqa is actually situated in the mountain range that's surrounded by the Jungles of Irkalla.
However people will not find the entrance easily...

Irkalla has a very large intricate cave system that supports its own ecosystem. The cavern walls
are usually covered in a pink-ish vegetation and has leafy vines growing from the ceilings. The flora however
seems to be of the Savannah variant with having small oasis' growing here and there. The fertile soil is used to farm
the crystals and also edible veggies/fruit, herbs, spices, etc... to flavor meat dishes.

It is in one of those caves that the city of Xiqalqa can be found.
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Approved#2PostSubject: Re: Irkalla   Fri Jul 14, 2017 11:46 am

Probably the best planet submission we've ever had. Look forward to seeing this planet in action.

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