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 Grand Imperator of the Legions

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Faction#1PostSubject: Grand Imperator of the Legions   Fri Jun 16, 2017 3:29 pm

Name: Zorbek Falskarr "Kumakclaw"
Species: Cybernetic Varanus
Age: 351
Faction: Serpentum Imperium
Alignment: Lawful Neutral



  • Brilliant Tactician
  • Enhanced brain functionality with limited AI
  • Enhanced strength
  • Enhanced lifespan


  • Suit is vulnerable to electrical bursts that can incapacitate him  
  • Quick tempered
  • Weakened lungs requires filtration provided by suit. 



  • Specialized life suit
  • Empowered Kinetic Morningstar


  • Ages of warfare has chiseled him into the best military strategist in the Imperium,to the level of current Imperial battlefield AI. Easily the brains of the entirety of the Legion with the lesser Imperators respecting his decision.    


Stolen from his colony,a young hatchling was twisted into a weapon for the Solsatian Technocracy and would serve as a avatar for their War-AI.For 32 years the 4 year old hatchling was placed under surgery and experimentation until he was considered complete by the War-AI.

Then without warning he was released by another hatchling who was tasked with cleaning his stasis pod unwittingly releasing the living weapon,the Imperator still having his own consciousness thanked the hatchling he would later call Emperor,he tore the lab apart and escaped with the hatchling back to Confederate space. Unfortunately he was arrested by the Confederates and placed once again in a cage.For years he would remain in that cage despite having the ability to break out at any given time.

He would be released by a figure he instantly recognized.....The hatchling now grown to a young age,leading a rebellion against the corrupt bureaucracy their world has become,he led the rebels to victory,then he led the new Imperial reserve to victory,then he became the first Grand Imperator of the new Serpentum Legion,leading the force to defeat the remaining insurrectionists and bringing a unified galaxy under a Imperial Hegemony.

Alongside the Emperor he is the oldest Varanus in the current Imperium,one of the few who remember Old Serpentum and the ideals the Varanus upheld,despite his cold nature he feels much like the other members of the Court over the ever failing health of the Emperor. 
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Grand Imperator of the Legions

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