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 The healer with moss for brains

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#1PostSubject: The healer with moss for brains   Sat Jun 10, 2017 7:47 pm

Name: Vicyeth Pettalocks
Species: Water Fairy / Light elf
Age: Unknown, she appears around 19 but her race makes it hard to guess what age she really is.
Faction: Atrata federation
Alignment: Chaotic neutral



-Healing. Despite her utter stupidity Vicyeth is perhaps one of the best healers one might encounter. She has a massive variety of healing spells and techniques to her disposal and unlike the alchemy grenade, it doesnt sting or hurt at all. Due to her inability to recognize a threat she heals anyone, even if they are actively trying to end Vicyeth's life.
-Druidic protection. Before her parents died (Wich is something Vicyeth is still oblivious to in fact) they blessed Vicyeth with the protection of druidic spirits that will use her inmade arcane vigor for her. This means that when she is in danger the spirits will cast spells using her resources to protect her using low tier druidic spells.
-Poorly chosen one. Formerly she was the champion of her people, but was quickly abandoned when people figured out how stupid she really was. Though the blessing never faded and she still has the luck of a hero wich means that things like traps and unaimed shots are unlikely to hit her, this does not extend to trip mines or laser grids or aimed shots.

-Intelligence, or rather the lack of. Vicyeth is quite possibly the dumbest creatures in the universe. Sure her species was known for moderate intelligence but when they were all in line for brains, Vicyeth was probaply somewhere eating glue... This is a huge disadvantage when the spirits somehow cant protect her or when her resources are drained.
-Non combatant. Vicyeth sees herself as an explorers and has never killed someone herself before. It was always the druidic spirits that did this for her. So if her spirits have been destroyed or her resources are drained she is left defenseless as she refuses to harm.
-Possessed, The spirits in her that are blessing her with protection can be considered a possesion, even if they are only beneficial to her. Exorcising them out of her would permamently leave her to rely on her luck and her healing spells as the spirits defending her cant reach her on their own.


Traveler's attire.

Natural healer. Vicyet is naturally skilled with healing magic and has an array of healing spells to her disposal.

Little is known about this utter dumbass. And what is known is confusing to say the least, especially if the intelligence is extracted from herself. The biggest problem Vicyet has is that she is oblivious to the fact she is dumb, making her even more insufferable at times.



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The healer with moss for brains

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