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 Suara MHBT

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Approved#1PostSubject: Suara MHBT   Mon Jun 05, 2017 8:25 pm

Name: Suara {Main Hovering Battle Tank} T-2
Owner: Serpentum Imperium/Serpentum Legion
Manufacturer: Serpentum Engineering Corps

Development Thread:

Type: Hovering Main Battle Tank
Materials: Imperial Durasteel
Length/Height: 25 meters
Rarity: Common

(Grade the aspects of the vehicle below between 1-10. 1 being severely lacking in that aspect, 10 being specialized. Keep things balanced.)
Weapons: 7
Armour: 7 {4 at the rear of the tank where the energy cell lies}
Shields: 8 
Speed: 6
Handling: 4

Notable Equipment
1x 115mm self-loading Cannon.

4x Anti-Infantry ballistic chainguns firing energized rounds.

3x Heavy M-2 Rail Rifles connected to an single turret for accurate armour-piercing shots. {Weakness to shields}


The Suara has been the backbone tank of the Legion's Armour Cohorts since it's formation after the fall of the Confederacy,with an crew of three to four {One driver,One gunner,One tank commander and One engineer if lucky} the Suara is an deadly weapon to the Imperial arsenal.

Outfitted with an 115mm self-reloading cannon using AP shells to penetrate other unshielded armored vehicles with ease while the HE shells make short work of infantry groups and small fortifications.Four deadly chainguns tear through infantry at an 180 degree radius in front of the tank as it gracefully swoops across the battlefield delivering the fury of the Legion.Three of the ever-popular M-2 rail rifle design was retrofitted into the tank as an powerful and accurate secondary cannon but just as the M-2 fails to pierce powerful shielding so does the M-2 turret.

Each Suara is outfitted with Low-Impact shielding allowing them to absorb immersive damage with low energy usage,however due to the nature of the tank's chassis and to allow for ease of replacing the energy cells powering the tank,it has an exposed weak point that is lightly armored and should the Impact shield falter to recharge would leave the weak point vulnerable to explosives.

The Second Template in the tank's development,the legion has full enthusiasm to see it deployed once again in service to the empire.

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Elias Bishop
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Approved#2PostSubject: Re: Suara MHBT   Mon Jun 05, 2017 10:41 pm

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Suara MHBT

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