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Approved#1PostSubject: Crokarian   Tue May 02, 2017 10:10 pm

Name: Crokarian
Homeplanet: RF-17
Sentience: Sentient

Super strong back legs make making incredible leaps easy.
A crokarian is able to support his entrire body weight...with his tongue.
Able to spend hours underwater without needing equipment to do so.

Vulnerable to electical attacks.
Must be able to rehydrate their bodies at least every other day or they will dry out and die.

Six foot tall bipedal frogs.  Crokarian retain webbed hands and feet but also have opposable thumbs meaning they can grip things with their hands.  Males are traditionally brown blending in either on the bottom of a water source or against the shore of a river / lake.  With a smaller build than their female counterparts males are relegated to spending time with their offspring or running trap lines.  Females tend to be more colorfull ranging from emerald green to a more subdued forest green.  Leathery skin covers and protects their hairless bodies. 

Crokarians are nomadic following food sources from one location to another.  While they are equally at home on land as in the water their bodies need to hydrate at least every 48 days.  This has led to small scattered settlements along lakes, ponds, rivers, and even oceans.  The settlements last until the food sources run out and then are abandoned.  Their society thrives on survival of the fittest with food given only to those that deserve it. 

Women run the society with the strongest woman being named chief.  The chief has a harem of young male crokarians whos only goals are to live and to impregnate the chief.  Yearly members of the harem face each other in mortal combat with only one winner being claimed.  The winner then becomes the guard for the new harem.

Crokarians have one deity Ble'stra who is their creator deity.  They believe he grants them power over the other creatures that dwell in the water.  Additionally they believe it is their duty to subdue any other creature that lives in the water.  This had led to some ferocious pets.

Being mostly aquatic little is known about this race's history.  Their planet remains mostly unknown as it is ninety percent water.  The few beings who have encountered crokarians and have lived to tell about it have said technology appears to be almost nonexistant.  They have also said the crokarians didn't need it.  Equipped with weapons and armor made from bones and teeth from creatures deep in the depths they still possessed a terrible ability to inflict damage on the unwary.
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Approved#2PostSubject: Re: Crokarian   Tue May 02, 2017 10:26 pm


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