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 Chester Humphries

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#1PostSubject: Chester Humphries   Sat Apr 29, 2017 6:38 pm

Name: Chester Humphries III
Species: Human
Age: 37
Faction: not a faction, will be thieves guild
Alignment: Chaotic neutral


Master Thief

Business and Political Acumen

Combat is not his forte



Will be creating some shortly

No supernatural powers but powers nonetheless.

Master thief...

Mimicry can replicate the voices of just about anybody altough he cannot replicate manerisms.

Chester Humphries the third was born into a wealthy family.  From a young age he was given anything he could ever want.  The lack of having to earn anything stirred something within him and he began his career as a thief at age five.  Stealing from a local store, from friends, from neighbors, and the greatest thrill of all from the local police.  He has since gone through school graduating from a well to do ivy league school with honors.  Schooling did not end there for the young thief however.  He decided it was in his best interest to further his education picking up first masters degrees in business and political science and then phds.

The entire time Chester was in school he spent some portion of his time on "the other side of the tracks".  Learning, training, and honing his already considerable skills as a thief.  While he learned the arts of sleight of hand, misderection, disguise, lockpicking and others from these folks he also learned valuable skills from his classmates.  From his classmates he learned the value of forgery, embezzlement, fraud, and the incredible powers of mimicry and velintroquism.

Armed with the skills he had learned, and mastered, Chester began aquiring a fortune as a businessman and as a master thief.  His network of thief underlings has been steadily growing as he prepares to introduce the shadowy thieves guild to the universe.


None just yet.

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Chester Humphries

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