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#1PostSubject: Krieg    Thu Apr 06, 2017 4:59 pm


Name: Krieg
Species: Human
Age: 60
Faction: N/A
Alignment: Lawful Evil



-Exceptional speed for his age

-Strategic genius


-Overconfident at times; will underestimate enemy

-Extreme pain if mask is taken off



-Gas Helm: this helmet is important to Krieg's survival, as he cannot breath properly without it. With it, he can basically breath in any environment, including small periods in space.

-The Silver Fate: Said to have been forged in Heaven itself, this cutlass is imbued with mysterious effects, where the bonds of magic energy begin to weaken when near the blade.

-The Final Point: a heavy revolver, only used when melee won't work.


-Never will have magic, but excels in swordplay.


On the War-world of Gurre, there was a man who grew up parentless, as they were killed by regular demonic surges from the east. This man eventually became a conscript in a regiment of the Kingdom's guard, but was nearly killed in his first defense after a Demon lord breathed smoke and ash down the man's throat, hospitalizing him for weeks. Eventually, he returned to battle, a changed man under his new mask. And thus, Krieg was born.

Krieg continued to fight for years, until one day he did not return to camp. A whole three days later, Krieg returned with the head of the Demon Lord who changed him into the Demon-hunter. This let him ascend to be a well respected general, leading the troops of the kingdom, and showing them how to kill most efficiently their dark foe.

Eventually, Krieg left his homeworld, having set in motion their undying hatred for the enemy of man. The first world he came to was a small colonial world on the edge of the Lucian Kingdom. This world had always been beseeched by demon hordes, but under the might of Lucifer they had grown stronger than ever. Krieg held them off for a while, before meeting a man who reminded Krieg of himself as a child; Mordeci and Krieg took an instant liking to one another, as they began to fight the demons of the world side-by-side.

For a few years, they killed demons together, but eventually realized that killing savage demons on a backwater world wasn't enough- They needed to kill the root of the demons, and the root of all evil- Magic. And so, they set off, beginning their slaughter of mages and magical creatures. The two also began a small cult that follows the same belief as them, awaiting the right moment to strike.


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