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Approved#1PostSubject: Skinwalkers   Mon Apr 03, 2017 11:50 pm

Name: Skinwalkers
Homeplanet: Unknown, Possibly Earth
Sentience: Sentient

Skinwalkers are terrifying foes. They can take the form of creatures and people that they kill, gaining the deceased's memories until they leave the form. They are a naturally clever and agile race, requiring to outsmart the deceased's friends and family to the point of them believing that nothing has changed whatsoever. They can form terrifying weapons with their wispy bodies, capable of cutting flesh, bone, and heavy infantry armor. Given enough meals and time, a Skinwalker could potentially grow back limbs.
What Skinwalkers gain in intelligence and agility, they lack in strength and endurance. Skinwalkers are known for high spurts of energy to take down their prey, much like a cheetah, but afterwards, they are exhausted and unable to form weapons as they absorb the essence of the dead, or rest from a failed hunt. Their bodies, despite their appearance, are corporeal, and rather frail when exposed to extreme forces. In addition, when taking the form of a sentient creature, it must perfect the host's personality, else people may get suspicious and start a witch hunt.

Naturally, skinwalkers take the general shape of a human, but are clearly not so, their bodies seemingly covered in black smoke. However, a skinwalker, as it kills it's meal, can begin to take its form as it absorbs the creature's spirit, taking on it's form, memories, but not the personality.. If a skinwalker hiding as another creature is injured, it doesn't bleed. Instead, wisps of black smoke rise from the injury, often revealing the true identity of the skinwalker. In skinwalker-infested areas of the world, a common greeting is to prick your own finger to show that you are not, in fact, a 'walker.

Skinwalkers are isolationists towards each other, and are known to be alone their entire lives. Not that that bothers most of them- skinwalker communities are much easier to spot than a single one, living alone, hunting when it needs to. Due to that, skinwalkers have never had a language or a particular culture, instead simply choosing one from existing races.
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Approved#2PostSubject: Re: Skinwalkers   Thu Apr 06, 2017 6:17 pm

@Mavanger wrote:
In skinwalker-infested areas of the world, a common greeting is to prick your own finger to show that you are not, in fact, a 'walker.
I like that idea.

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