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Approved#1PostSubject: Thall   Sat Apr 01, 2017 3:15 am

Name: Thall (known under many slang names like Pancake People, Flatlanders, Squishies, and Lopsiders)
Homeplanet: Thalle
Sentience: Sentient


This species excels in hiding. Using their odd appendages they will dig large holes to hide in.

Thall can squeeze into almost any small spaces with their squished body shape.


Due to their odd body shape and organ structure, any rapid changes in gravity can cause extreme decompression sickness and possibly death.

The Thall are not very intelligent in terms of sentient species, and require a specific mix of fluids and zooplankton to feed on.

Thall vary in appearance greatly, but the usual Thall looks like a flattened, hairless mole, with one arm that actually looks like a moles stumpy clawed arm, and the other looking like that of a mangled bat wing. It's back limbs are almost always adapted to have each toe act like an insect-like leg, moving independently from the other two toes on the foot. On one side of the head lies two asymmetrical eyes, and on the other an odd set of gills where the eyes would be. Extending from their flounder-like sideways lips are hundreds of hair-like extensions, like a whale's baleen.


Thall are always afraid of death due to their cultural tendencies and the geography/predators of their homeworld. This appears in a deep depression in most, otherwise it could be a faint paranoia, anger, or happiness (these Thall are wanting to make the most of life before they fall to their untimely demises).

The Thall believe in the Great Maker, a being who built the stars themselves and allowed life to flourish throughout the Galaxy under its benevolence. They also believe in the Great Devourer, whom they describe as a being of unending darkness and hunger, wanting to be freed and devour everything in its wake. Some believe this refers to Zalgo, but others say it is due to their homeworld is inclose proximity to the area of space where God-Snakes reside, and the interstellar beasts have been seen breaching nearby planets' atmospheres to attain oxygen.

Born on a planet of almost complete water for miles upon miles, Thall evolved to survive on the pressurized ice that formed due to how deep the oceans were. They were scavengers, feeding on and hitching rides on massive oceanic creatures. Two million years ago, however, Thall rode beasts to the only land on the planet: a massive plateau that stretched for around twenty miles. From here, somehow, the bottomfeeders quickly grew to sentience and began to expand their land, draining the seas ever so slowly. Now, they have dropped their sea levels by half a mile, giving them immense amounts of land.(albeit they still have a long way to go). The Thall only began to travel the stars a few decades ago, and are new on the interstellar scene, being slow to trade due to depressurization requirements.
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Approved#2PostSubject: Re: Thall   Sat Apr 01, 2017 4:54 am

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