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Approved#1PostSubject: Slag/Metal-Halves   Fri Mar 31, 2017 3:23 am

Name: The Metal-halves (more commonly known as The Slag)

Homeplanet: Any planet.

Sentience: Semi-Sentient (lack free will)


With their human halves mainly used for a sort of data storage and computer, Slag feel no pain, having their pain receptors surgically removed when servitude begins.

Slags can be used for a variety of different uses, like cheap labor, to brains for automatic tanks, to simple data vaults.


Electronic parts are weak to EMP weaponry, and any exposed human pieces are easy to destroy compared to armor and metal.

Most Slag have little to no sense of self or free thought, making them eternal slaves.

Slag Serfs- 

as shown in the top image, Slag Serfs are usually made of a severed head/upper torso and a series of life supporting prosthetics, along with neural inhibitors and other such control mechanisms.

Slag Jackals-

Typically lightly armored from the head to bottom of whatever they have left, Jackals have long, graceful metal legs and arms that allow them to stride across battlefields. They usually carry large blades or laser pistols.

Slag Archons- 

A Human Torso attached to a small mechanized tank, Archons are the heavy vehicles of the Slag, using their cannons to fire on far-off enemies, and their weak clamps to stave off melee offenders. An extra machine gun arm is also added to keep closer range threats at bay.

Slag Cyclopeans-

Named after the one-eyed giants of Greek Myth, Cyclopeans are named this due to their sheer size (about 25 feet tall). Their weapons are devastating on the battlefield, essentially being walking tanks with more firepower. Inside the Cyclopean's head is the head+torso powering it, allowing it to maintain massive amounts of data.

In the select few Slag that can still have thoughts, they all share a deep worship of the Potrosi, their creators and their gods. They think of their servitude as a second chance for greatness, glory, and salvation for their "sins" that led to said servitude.

The others have no free thought, so they could care less.

It is unknown when Metal-Halves first came into existence, but for the last 200 years, Slag forces have served under Potrosi groups all across the galaxy. These androids are made from criminals/death row prisoners who are disposed of in any way, the galaxy deeming them "unnecessary to progress", so Potrosi groups take advantage, buying as many as possible before/after death. Then, they will aputate limbs of they need to, and attach the torso into a cybernetic mesh that forces the body inside to become a slave to the programming and demands of the Potrosi. The Slag are unthinking killing machines, having known to of won several skirmishes with small factions a hundred years ago or so, and cementing their place in the official Potrosi military.
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Approved#2PostSubject: Re: Slag/Metal-Halves   Fri Mar 31, 2017 3:46 am


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